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Quijano: The true winners


SITTING on a table with a slight buzz in my head courtesy of the ice cold strong beers I unwisely imbibed, I could not help but notice Jonas Sultan smoothly pocketing balls at the billards table with uncommon ease.

The Tagalogs have a term for it: asintado. Sa Bisaya pa, “hingigo”.

This was at the post-Pinoy Pride 42 gathering hosted by ALA promotions for its victorious warriors, Jonas Sultan and IBF junior flyweight champion Milan Melindo.

I recall there was a time I was also an “asintado” at the billards table but that was eons ago when my legs and aim were steadier than the stream of beers coming my way.

ACCURATE. Manny Pacquiao too is asintado at the billards table and he has been previously known to fearlessly engage in big/time game betting before he said goodbye to all his vices.

He also has a nice shooting touch from the rainbow territory, regardless of how you feel about his overalll basketball skills.

What I’m driving at is that a sharpshooter’s skills can carry across disciplines. Ergo, an asintado in billards can potentially have a good shooting hand in basketball.

It’s talent more than anything else, a gift for honing in on a given target, regardless of the context and the contest.

No wonder then that Sultan landed a lot of punches on Johnreil Casimero in their action-packed fight which rightfully earned him that well-deserved unanimous decision victory.

Watch out for this guy. He’s accurate, fearless and has a solid chin. This kid will go places.

WINNERS. Too bad though that “Zorro” Sultan’s victory came at a costly price for Casimero, another one of our top- tier Pinoy fighters.

But the setback for “Quadro Alas” is only temporary, and in the grand scheme of things, he can learn a lot from this loss as he goes back to the drawing board.

More importantly, the long-term beneficiary of that seminal fight is Philippine boxing as it will show that we have taken it to another level.

The next echelon is a showcase of the abundance of world- class boxing talents where promoters no longer need to carefully tiptoe around each other to avoid a potentially ruinous pinoy vs pinoy match-up.

Dare I say that that fight might be the harbinger of the next golden age of Philippine boxing, post-Pacquiao?

VERBATIM. “He can’t hurt me with anything. And then when I jab him in the face and I punch him again, he’s suddenly going to realize, ‘Sh*t, I made a mistake here. I shouldn’t have done this. I should’ve backed out”- Michael Bisping on fighting the comebacking Georges St Pierre.

LAST ROUND. It’s on me and the wifey as we recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Cheers, Your Honor!

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