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Cebu, ready for revamped Amateur Boxing program



While the country celebrates current Filipino world champions in Donnie “Ahas” Nietes, Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas, and Milan “El Metodico” Melindo, the Cebu City Amateur Boxing program takes on a renewed pursuit of developing the sport and focusing on where it all began.

Enter Cebu’s “Amateur Boxing Revival”, an amateur show set to feature aspiring young talents from the different Boxing stables in Cebu, which stages its maiden event this Saturday, August 5th at the Plaza Sugbu across Cebu City Hall.

Considered the hotbed of Philippine Boxing, Cebu’s Amateur Boxing Revival ultimately aims to make a strong Cebuano comeback at the national amateur competition which was once dominated by Cebu national champions in the likes of Edito Villamor, Gerry Peñalosa, Malcolm Tuñacao, Brix Flores, Peter Cuizon, Arlo Chavez, Z Gorres, and Rodel Mayol, among the other handful skilled fighters who went on to become professional boxers or decided to help contribute to the development of the new generation of young talents, strengthening the sport as a whole.

The program, made possible through the joint efforts of ALA Boxing Gym Chairman Tony Aldeguer and PSC Regional Coordinator and Amateur Boxing Alliances of the Philippines Regional Director Chao Sy, is scheduled to run a more determined approach towards stabilizing the Philippines’ grassroots program through this yearly event, with two shows per month.

According to Sy, a quarterly tournament will also take place, targeted to involve boxers from neighboring provinces, in order to have a regular assessment of the fighters’ development.

The program initially involves 12 different stables from all over Cebu, with 12 bouts scheduled in each event.

For its launching event this weekend, the Cebu Amateur Boxing Revival will start at 5:00 in the afternoon and showcase the following bouts: Henderson Hortelano vs Wyn Cabradilla, Justin Trazo vs Roderick Getalada, Clinton Martinez vs Earl Abapo, David Tugot vs Raffy Enicita, Jayron Cyuole vs Luie Jay Tomale, John Boledo vs Carlos Canedo, Alex Del vs Charles Darwin Dosdos, John Gabriel Tapales vs Christian Gabriel Gingoyon, John Paul Gabunilas vs Jake Tabanao, Ken Bellita vs Yer Roge Gura, Clark Sanchez vs Jim Paul Dignos, and Kervin Aresco vs Limbert Cainap. – PR

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