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Now considered by local boxing scribes as Philippine boxing’s prodigal son, JimrexJaca has been labeled as such for the reason that he has jumped from one promoter/manager to the next. He also is very close to being labeled as a journeyman.

As interpreted by dictionaries, a journeyman is someone with ordinary competence, qualified artisan, mediocre or plainly average. But to JimrexJaca, he is far from being average. A fighter who has vast ring experience coupled with guts and skill, Jaca still believes he can be a major name in the sport. 

As interviewed recently, Jaca revealed that he went through very difficult adversities. “ Not all know that I am not just a fighter. I have a wife and a child and to balance that is not as easy as standing up in the morning and going to your office. Yes, I have been criticized of my being un-loyal and from jumping from one promoter to another and I haven’t been more criticized when I last jumped ship from ALA Promotions.” Talking about his abandoning the country’s premier promoter ALA Promotions.

“I have already apologized to Mr. Antonio Aldeguer and ALA Promotions President Michael Aldeguer for what had happened in the past. They understood me and gave me another chance to prove myself as a fighter. To prove to myself that I can do it and I won’t waste this opportunity anymore as this may be my last.”

As found out during the interview, Jaca while with ALA Promotions 2010 was having problems with his wife’s pregnancy getting in and out of the hospital due to complications with their unborn child as early as 5 months during pregnancy. Jaca never opened up his difficulties to his promoters and kept it from his ALA promotional team. He was swayed by another manager/promoter with Jaca accepting assistance but to no avail as they lost their 3rd child at birth. Years earlier they likewise lost a child through premature birth.

Despite all these trials in life, the Negros Occidental born Jaca remains positive and continues to train at the famed ALA Gym thankful to ALA Promotions for giving him this new lease in life in boxing. JimrexJaca’s Journey in boxing continues this August 18, 2012 at the Waterfront Cebu City hotl and Casino as part of ALA Promotions and ABS-CBN Sports’ premier presentation of Pinoy Pride XV: Philippines vs Mexico THE REMATCH. Jaca will be facing young Mexican Angel “Arcanghel” Martinez during the event co-headed by Jason “El Nino” Pagara and Genesis “Azukal” Servania of the Philippines against Rosbel Montoya and Jorge PAzos respectively.

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